Young Love

It's your classic Nicholas Sparks novel—a young couple separated, destined to live different lives, only to be reunited over fifty years later and discover that a love can be rekindled.

But it's not a sappy novel, this is the story of my feisty, fun-loving grandpa Clem and his beautiful new wife Lucille.

I was working across the room when he got a phone call. "Oh, it's you!" he softly exclaimed. He scurried downstairs and I couldn't eavesdrop on the long conversation. Absorbed with my work, I didn't even ask any questions when he came back up and asked me for the address of a fancy restaurant he had been to once before (technologically disinclined, he soon discovered that I—or rather my internet connection—was a much faster way of procuring information than YellowPages. He did this a lot).

But a week later when he introduced me to "an old friend of his", a girl he had dated years before he met my late grandmother, my cousins and I glanced sidelong at each other like, Is he...? No, he can't be.

But sure enough, Lucille had captured his heart again, and the tiny redhead soon captured all of ours with her adorable smile and spunky sense of humour. Just a few months later they were married—and I had the incredible honour of being their photographer. Of the many, many weddings I have been to over the years, this was by far one of the most fun!

Who says there is no such thing as young love at 79?

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