Snowing in the City

I'm ashamed to admit that it's already the end of November and I am only just publishing my first blog entry and the first of the weddings I photographed this past summer. I tell myself that it's because I've been dreadfully busy and that makes me feel better about myself. But as I look out at the icy streets and the haze of snowflakes steadily drifting down from a stone-grey sky, I find it hard to believe that winter is already here. My oh my, how time can get away on you.

I had the privilege of photographing not one but three weddings this past summer for people I dearly love. Watching them so joyfully pledge their lives to one another reminded me once again why I enjoy my job so much—love so evident and beautiful is so very easy to capture. (Editing a truckload of photos on the other hand... not so much).

Without further ado, I'm please to share with you a few of my personal favourites from my best friend's wedding. Please feel free to check out the full gallery.

Brittany & Jeff